Project SomniaWaves 2017 - CD ArtWork for Ian Argys music

I´m very happy to present the result of a great collaboration with the american musician Ian Argys. SomniaWaves is the title of my photoartwork which is the CoverArtWork for his new CD. SomniaWaves is also the title of the new CD.

Ian Argys on guitar, loops, composition, producer feat: Alex Scott  on bass, drums, percussion and production
#transambient #postrock #metajazz #heartmusic

ArtWork for the CD-booklet to "Newest Things" Claude Weisberg

My painting "WalkOnWater" will be part of the CD "NEWEST THINGS" - The CD will be released in January 2017 and some amazing musicians from allover the world are involved in this "international-friends-project". My work "WalkOnWater" will be the art of the booklet - it is the connection to the whole message which lies in all the songs...peace and quietness shown in music and art - peace and quietness in people!
Drums: Herman Furin , Emiliano Gimenez, Anders Köllerfors, Andy Connell, Riccardo Merlini
Bass: Charlie Giardina, Nick Muneratti, Ronny Johansson, Christian Marras, Henrik Linder, Jimmy Haslip
Guitars: Andrea Di Puccio, Robert Sall, Michael Landau, Emmanuel Sandström, Michael Thompson, Alexander Kronbrink, Andrèe Theander, Adriano Arena.
Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan, Bernhard Zimmermann, Maurizio Antognoli, Andreas Tillborg, Federico Pergolesi, David Diggs
Alto saxophone, Tenor, Baritone saxophones, Horn arrangements: Anders Sjögren
Trumpet: Fredrik Oscarsson
Vocals: Claude Weisberg, Jerome Nigou (duet on The Other side of me), Andrea Sanchini (duet on Emilie)
Backing Vocals: Jean-Michel Byron, Magnus Midelf, Andrea Sanchini, Massimo Bozzi, Marco Carbon

Project CERULEAN 2016 - Artwork "Breath of Deep Moment" © 2015 Alexandra Rangger for CERULEAN album by Taylor Mesple

...very happy to share these "breaking news"...the amazing new album CERULEAN by Taylor Mesple is released since yesterday and the cover shows my artwork "Breath of Deep Moment" as you will see when you click on the link and the video...please check out the impressive and deep music and lyrics and the great musicians who are involved in this project...! it was an inspiring exchange for me with Taylor and his music during the time of preparation of this album...and once again an impressive experience to bring together the magic of music and art in such a deep and wonderful way...thankful for all the colors that I see and feel in music...and all the melody that I feel and see in art...thankful for being connected to wonderful people who do their art and music with heart and passion...!!! feel free to share and spread the word for CERULEAN and Taylor Mesple...!...

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"Thinking outside the box"...June/July 2016 - ArtProject on a school with 19 teens..."Thinking outside the box"...conception and direction of the project: Alexandra Rangger...teacher Manuela Stigger/Mag. Hans Christian Ringer...

...making of and presentation...

Project intentions: thinking outside of boxes - searching for new innovative and individual ways...being open for opportunities, solutions and perspectives ... keeping the "box" open...creating an own "box"...Moving boxes - as symbolic departure for the journey through life...the constant awakening ...! set a personal mark - leave messages - own words - symbols - colors - expression of thoughts ... the boxes represent INDIVIDUALITY - the common statement is formed by the stacked box sculpture - a variable, creative space, which represents the thoughts of young people - who showed the COLORS of their emotions through ART to the viewer!

Jubiläumsausstellung AK Imst - Begegnungen - 50 Kunst Ausstellungen, March 4 - June 17, 2016 : Stories untold - art and work in a dialogue between painting and suclpture A common project - Alexandra Rangger/painting - Bernhard Witsch/sculpture

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Bernhard Witsch

Apfertal Nr. 10
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Tel: +43 664 4242549

Project memorial - place for stillborn babies - cemetery Imst - Inauguration October 2015 - Planning architect Christian Bailom, sculpture Bernhard Moser, poem - memorial plaque Alexandra Rangger, gilding Siegmund Eller.

contact: Bernhard Moser Skultpuren +43 664 410 41 25

"SHIFT"...CoverArtWorkProject 2015 for Ian Argys, Music: Ian Argys...CoverArtWork: "Soul Fragments...Melting Moment" by Alexandra Rangger...recording&mixing engineer:Taylor Mesple...

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The Moment...ArtWorkImpressions 2014... Art is a diverse range of expression and´s a pure moment in is the sand of soul that is running through my mind...! One of my paintings is a continuing source of inspiration...still after years...

SneakerArt 2013



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