I´m a word...I´m a picture...

I´m a word, I´m a picture, I´m just me.

Unveiled, without protection, without a shield, but free.

Succumbing to the power of my inner life, I express my true colors from deep inside.

Exploring images, creating words, following my path through darkness and light.

Humility, love, despair, power, sadness, pain, anger, happiness,

all mine, fragments of myself - I´m a word, I´m a picture - I confess.

Alexandra Rangger



To paint and to write - both are a kind of metamorphosis. All I call life, that which feels rough on me develops my personality, which is my being and becoming, is converted into a visual medium. The perception of reality at the level of colors, pervades my time, penetrates my heart, my mind and my soul. In a continuous process of debate, on the way from the outside to the inside, all information and all influence is largely performed in an abstraction and the ability to see and to feel merges in the passion for painting. Constantly on the road to the open, wide, world of unlimited possibilities of expression and yet constantly on the road into the quiet, deep world of reduction and reflection. Stopping all the surrounding movement to improve my own motion, to perceive the inner peace strengthened. Always in dialogue with colors, shapes, textures, repeatedly messages between the layers and nuances, always on the search for the answer in the picture. Always fascinated by the desire, but also the struggle, the challenge, the unpredictability and the tension while painting. Again and again, very close to the place where there is the deepest me inside of me .




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